Q: How/Where do I register for a course?

A: Students apply at http://adeonline.ca/ on the right hand side under Register as well as on the left hand side of the site under Student Center.


Q: What is the process one has to go through to register for a course?

A: Students submit their registration form online by going to our website: http://adeonline.ca/ Upon sending the form, students receive an initial confirmation email containing instructions to submit their transcript as well as payment options. The application is considered complete once transcripts and payments are received, at which point, students receive a final confirmation email containing instructions to access their course (temporary username and password), teacher's name and contact info as well as start date.


Q: How much does each course cost?

A:Please call us 1-855-213-1ADE or 1-855-213-1233.


Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: No


Q: How/where do I pay?

A: Payments can be made at any TD Bank in Canada:


Q: Can I apply for more than one course at a time?

A: Yes, of course! Students can register for up to two(2) courses per session(every two months).


Q: How long does it take to complete each course?

A: Naturally, the duration of each course is the 110 hours designated by the Ministry of Education. Fortunately, due to the design of our online school, you can finish the course in as little as 45 days or 2 months, depending on your speed/availability.

Q: How do I contact my teacher

A: There are several ways you can contact your teacher. For starters, your teacher may provide his/her own contact information such as a cell phone. If not however, you have access to your teacher through email (which will be provided to you) as well as life chat (under activities on the left hand side of the website) once you log into your course.

Q: Will there be a live lecture?

A: Absolutely!  There will be scheduled live online lectures/discussions that students can watch  and part take in once they login to their account. Just like a regular classroom environment, students have direct access to their teachers and can ask questions face to face without leaving the comforts of their homes! If students are unable to attend the live lectures, they are recorded in their entirety and can be accessed/watched at the convenience of the students.

Q: I know from experience that other online schools take a long to submit report cards/grades to the home school. How fast does ADE online process report cards for submission to home schools?

A: Report cards/grades are processed within days of writing final exams. ADE is extremely sensitive to each student's specific needs and does whatever it takes to meet them. We are therefore bound to speed up the report card process so as to ensure that students meet their deadlines.

Is there a final exam for each course?
Absolutely! there are supervised final exams for each course. Your teacher will book the time and place where your final exam will take place approximately two weeks after completing their course.