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Academy of Distance Education (background information)

Academy of Distance Education is an Ontario Ministry of Education accredited, internet-based high school, dedicated to bringing knowledge home to eager students in the province of Ontario.

ADE was inaugurated in 2010, the same year that Ontario curriculum saw a great deal of development and change especially in the area of “Assessment and Evaluation” and the inception of this educational institution coincided with a time of a great inspiration in educational reform in Ontario and also a time of enormous challenges; yes enormous !because change in the way of progressive development and advancement needs equal effort and precision while implementing the new guidelines in practice and not just in theory. ADE, with a core of staff and ownership keen on development and experienced in the area education, is determined to live up to the challenge as a beginner institution and never look back. The following Ministry of Education of Ontario documents, among many others, will be the center of attention as ADE embarks on its mission of educating knowledge seekers with effectiveness and with fewer challenges in contrast to the traditional methodologies:

1) Education Policy and Program Update to April 30, 2010.

This policy document comprises, among other things, a guide to changes made to the earlier document “Ontario Secondary Schools, Grades 9 to 12: Program and Diploma Requirements, 1999.” The document also contains New Policies, Programs, Initiatives, and Resources for Kindergarten to Grade 12.

2) Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, 2010.

This is a new policy document designed to cover all facets of efficient classroom practices including using assessment as a vehicle to improve student learning, This new and extremely policy documents covers a large portion of student learning including assessment, performance standards (achievement chart implementation)  and content standards (curriculum document expectations), credit recovery procedures, and modifications made for English language learners, reporting student achievement (progress reports and provincial report cards) and many other additions or accommodations and modification in the various areas of the learning process.


3) Inspection Requirements for Private Schools Granting Secondary School Credits, September 2010.

This document will be one of the key references for the Academy of Distance Education in regards to complete and error-free implementation of all Ministry of Education guidelines in order to be able to grant credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The document was made available for inspected private schools effective September 30, 2010.


ADE was designed to provide high school education for many types of students including:

  • Students who are seeking entry into a college or university program and are missing a necessary prerequisite/s
  • Those who are pursuing careers in professional athletics or arts and must travel a great deal during the school year
  • Students that require a course that their own local high school is not offering in a particular semester
  • Mature students who are working full time and do not wish to attend night school
  • Students with health related issues that prevent them from attending a traditional high school
  • And as a future endevour, International students seeking Canadian education


Time and space are both changing, and at ADE, we have recognized that education must adapt and find ways to accommodate students with specialized needs, learning styles and schedules.

To locate our Ministry Identification number please visit the Ministry of Education's Website www.edu.gov.on.ca


Principal's Message:

Ever since Marshall Mcluhan coined the term" Global Village", the world has not been the same. The notion that time and space would both be compromised and that the world as it was known then would not be the same was enough to change attitudes and anticipations: the world was ever since preparing for the information super high way that would write off both barriers of time and Geography or space.

Today, the world can share information faster (instantaneously) and across long distances. It is no wonder then that students who traditionally would travel across continents seeking knowledge and would get information only after months have passed are able to gain access to the same information in seconds while sitting in their living rooms. With a core of teachers determined to provide students with the comforts and care of an actual class while at home using the latest of what technology provides, Academy of Distance Education promises to carry the much coveted Ontario Educational practices across towns and regions with an unmatched ease and precise effectiveness.

With virtual classes that allow students access to teacher care and collaboration that is available almost at all times, ADE proves that it is not only facilities that convey quality education, but rather facilities and technology coupled with personal commitment and selfless contribution by the staff and ownership alike. In ADE's case, it is the staff who are the owners as well and who have more to prove than just business; they are committed to proving ADE delivers Ontario's very prestige and educational prowess.