school policy

The Academy of Distance Education developed policies that govern its operations to grant Ontario secondary school credit courses. All policies are designed to fully conform to, and abide by, Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines:


Substitute courses:

In order to allow flexibility in designing students' programs and to ensure that all students can qualify for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, substitutions may be made for a limited number of compulsory credit courses using courses from the remaining courses offered by the school that meet the requirements for compulsory credits.  For example, 3 ESL or ELD credit courses could be used by students who enter the Ontario Secondary School System at any grade level, in place of three of four English courses needed to earn the OSSD diploma.  Also, ADE students take Expressing Aboriginal Cultures (NAC1O), which is described in the Secondary curriculum policy document for Native Studies, to meet the grade 9 Arts compulsory credit requirement. Likewise, students who take contemporary Aboriginal Authors (Grade 11), which is described in the Secondary Curriculum policy document for native studies, may use the credit earned for this course to meet the grade 11 English compulsory credit requirements. Finally, any time a course is substituted for a compulsory course, an “X” is entered in the Notes column of the Ontario Student Transcript (OST).

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ADE’s Online Procedural Policies


Our Admission Requirements: In order to be admitted into ADE online, the following documents are needed:


  • Parental Consent Form (for those under 18 years of age)
  • Permission to Release Information Form.
  • Ontario Student Transcript(OST) and the Latest Report Card
  • One Proper ID: (birth certificate or driver’s license, or passport, or a citizenship card)


Course Pre-requisites:


To do well in any particular course, prior background knowledge of the course is essential. It is the responsibility of students to make sure they have the proper pre-requisite for a course. Any student who registers for a course they do not have the prerequisite for risks being removed from their course at any point without tuition reimbursement.


Our Expected School Process:


Provided that we receive all the required documents, students can expect to begin their course no later than a week after registration. Their assigned teacher will then contact them, providing them with further instructions on course procedure and materials. Students will find their course content (including assignments and announcement updates) on a virtual classroom to which they will be given access. There are discussion forums where students can communicate with teachers and other students taking the course. ADE teachers manage the course page and communication in a manner similar to the traditional classroom environment. At ADE, students are encouraged to continuously communicate with their teachers and ask any and all questions pertaining to their course(s). ADE teachers are expected to respond to student inquiries within 1 business day. Consequently, it is in the student’s best interest to ask their questions well in advance to assignments being due. Students can expect to get their evaluated assignments back from their teachers within 5-7 business days. In order to receive marks back in a timely manner, students are advised to avoid sending in assignments in bulk. Instead, they are encouraged to submit work as they complete it in small portions. To further ensure the success of our students, all ADE teachers have live online office hours once a week and they will inform their students of these hours as well as where they will be conducted upon registration.


Course Extension:


Each full-credit course is scheduled to last three months, giving students the opportunity to set their own pace in order to meet their personal goals. In case of unforeseeable emergencies, students can add an extra month to the regular three (3) month study period, extending the duration of their course to 4 months. However, there will be an additional administrative fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Students may want to shorten the regular 3 month study period by one month as well for personal reasons, provided that they meet the required 110 hours. additional administrative fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) ­­­will also apply in this case.


Course Withdrawal:


At ADE, we understand that situations arise and as a result, students may at times, have to alter their academic road map and withdraw from courses. In such situations, students must provide a written statement outlining their reasons for withdrawing. If the student in question is under 18 years of age, their parents/guardians must provide such written statement. For full reimbursement of tuition, students must withdraw during the “withdrawal period”, which at ADE, is ten (10) days after registration. Students are encouraged to consult with their teacher, the guidance counselor at their home school and their parents before making a decision to withdraw from a course.


ADE’s Monitoring System:


To ensure the success of our students, ADE conducts daily monitoring of all activities on our website. For example, student log in and log out times are monitored on a daily basis so that we are able to keep track of whether or not students have earned the 110 hours designated by the Ministry of Education. We also monitor all communication between teachers and students so as to prevent any behavioral misconduct on all parts as well as to ensure that ADE’s academic integrity policies are met. Lastly, as a precautionary measure, ADE administration keeps accurate and up to date records of all academic assessments and the marks/grades students receive for future reference.


Parent Involvement:


Study after study has shown that student achievement improves when parents play an active role in their children's education, and that good schools become even better schools when parents are involved. Here at ADE, parents who have children under the age of 18 will be able to keep track of their children’s academic progress. This is because ADE has developed a system from which parents will automatically receive an email copy of all communication between the child and his/her teacher. This allows the parent to assist both the teacher and their son/daughter succeed in the teaching/learning process.


Our Ethical Standards:


Here at the Academy of Distance Education, the first basic principal by which we operate is respect. Communication between all involved parties must be conducted in a respectable manner. Students are expected to be courteous and to respect all ADE staff, both academic and non-academic irrespective of the situation. Profanity, harassment or aggressive behaviors are not acceptable and may result in de-registration. In return, our students shall receive utmost respect from all members of our staff to ensure that their rights to study and learn in a comfortable, safe environment are met.


Academic Dishonesty:


Academic dishonesty includes plagiarism as well as any other deliberate attempts to gain an unfair academic advantage. All forms of academic dishonesty are considered serious offences within the Academy of Distance Education and a student who commits such an offence runs the risk of a range of sanctions including failure in the course, and a requirement to withdraw from the school altogether.


Final Exams:


All students writing a final exam at ADE will have to bring a proper picture ID with them on examination day. This is to prevent academic dishonesty and ensure that all students writing the exam are the same ones registered for the course. Proper IDs include a valid driver’s license, a birth certificate and a passport.