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  • Over 13 years' experience teaching English


  • A local reputation for high quality teaching


  • Flexible programs designed for a range of ages, abilities, and objectives


  • A personal learning experience, with a focus on you and your needs


  • Exciting, fast-paced, and learner-centered lessons
  • Modern teaching centr offering the latest resources


There are many reasons why people choose to study English. Whether you want to learn for travel, to enhance your career or work life, for further study or just for fun, we can help you learn quickly and effectively!

The ADE Languages Promise: Our Mission Statement

  • to provide high quality courses for international students and trainee teachers in a positive and inclusive learner-centred environment, focusing on the students’ real and practical aspirations
  • to employ a range of student support services that have been developed to enable our students to enjoy their courses to the full


ADE History


Academic Integrity



Academic integrity, along with hiring the best and the brightest instructional staff, is one of ADES’ core values. It is one of the most important things ADE does as a learning organization. Done well, students will make decisions based on values that will prepare them as productive, meaningful and ethical citizens.



Academic Integrity: Focus for Staff

  • A full-time Academic Integrity Manager oversees all issues relating to questionable academic practices and is available to assist and coach instructors in academic integrity awareness.
  • Each student and their parent/guardian signs an integrity agreement during the registration process, and receives academic integrity education and information.
  • ü  apport with students is established and maintained. Instructors are trained to get to know their students and the caliber of their work so discrepancies in student performance are recognized.
  •  Discussion-based assessments are conducted routinely throughout all courses. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of the course content during these discussion assessments
  • The Academic Integrity team notifies all stake holders involved concerning the outcome of the investigations as well as best steps for the student in moving forward.



Academic Integrity: Focus on Technology
  • Content specific to academic integrity is embedded in each course and discussed during the student’s welcome call with the instructor.
  • ADEL maintains an academic integrity database to track repeat occurrences.
  • All instructors use various technological techniques to check student work for authenticity.
  • Courses contain test banks so that questions rotate for each measured standard. Two students taking a test at the same time have different versions of the test.
  • Community members, guidance counsellors, parents and students can call or email any academic-related issue anonymously through our academic integrity hotline/email.